February 23, 2013, Agnieszka Laskus MD, PhD, as the only doctor from Poland and the only from Central-Eastern Europe took part in the scientific meeting organized by the Swiss company Geistlich Biomaterials called GMG Seal Round Table and Advisory Board Meeting. Lectures and discussions that took place in Geneva crown the half-year study on new material and technology used in implantology that gives patients a better chance of regenerating tissues (bones, gums) after tooth extractions. To participate in the study company involved a group of eleven of the most qualified experts selected on the basis of their practical and scientific achievements.

The results of research by Agnieszka Laskus MD, PhD, contributed to the formulation of proposals to suggest that the new material is a significant convenience for patients: it reduces treatment time and eliminates the need of additional surgical procedures (eg. self-tissue transplantation).