I am a doctor with over twenty-year experience. The range of my specialization is periodontology and general dentistry (Medical Academy in Warsaw). Moreover I obtained a title of M.Sc. in implantology (Goethe University, Frankfurt).

I graduated studies at the Dentistry Department of the I Medical Faculty of the Medical Academy in Warsaw as well as post diploma master studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt. For seven years I worked as an assistant and then as an adjunct in the Periodontology Division of the Dentistry Institute of Medical Academy in Warsaw.

In 2001 I defended with honor a title of Medical Doctor which was given to me for the thesis about the implant treatment in periodontology and the immunological evaluation of the general health of patients with periodontal disease.

In 2012 I graduated post diploma master studies at Goethe University. I defended a study devoted to the complications around implants (periimplantitis) and I obtained the title of Master of Oral Implantology as the first doctor from Poland at this faculty.

An experienced dentist is, however, someone more than just thoroughly educated doctor. Every day I learn something new thanks to my patients. The psychological aspect of the relation patient- doctor is based on the feeling of safety and trust. This is a knowledge which I obtained during many years of my clinical, not only scientific work.


I live and work in Warsaw, where I run my clinical and scientifically-didactical activity. For many years of my medical practice I have been carrying out works on new techniques and material for the regeneration of the tissue structures such as for example: Bio-oss, EmdogainMembra- Gel. PDGF- Beta, Gore- tex.

In years 1999- 2001 I participated in works of the international research group over implantation material Mucograft (clinical tests before the official attest of the preparation). In the same period I took part in the research of the international research group creating directions for the applied by dentists Socket- Ridge augmentation. /Gesitlich Company/

In years 2003-2009 I was the official consultant of Nobel- Biocare Company in the topic of tissue regeneration in implantology and periodontology by Gore materials.

I expressed my research and experience in over 70 publications in Poland and abroad as well as in over 60 scientific papers (presented in Poland but also in the USA, Switzerland, Holland, Scotland and Monaco).

The exchange of knowledge and experiences with other specialists is inspiring for the doctor and precious from the patient’s perspective. It is easier for me thanks to the membership of the Polish and international organizations, with which I have been related for many years. Since 2000 I have been a member of the American Periodontology Association and since 2002 of the European Association of Osseointegration. I also belong to the Polish Association of Oral Implantology (OSIS), Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and to the International Team for Implantology.

For 8 years I was in the board of the Association of Polish dentistry doctors, which I cofounded as a lecturer and organizer of courses for doctors.

At present I also train dentistry doctors in Poland and abroad in the range of implantology, periodontology and gingiva- mucosal surgery.

My work is everyday challenges and the care for the health of my patients but also the source of personal and professional satisfaction. This is why I still learn and perfect my skills. Moreover I graduated three- year post diploma master studies at the Implantology Faculty of the Goethe Medical University in Frankfurt obtaining the title of Master of Oral Implantology.

In my work I always aim at making my patients satisfied and convinced about the professionalism, credibility, honesty and the responsibility of their doctor when they leave my dental room. In my opinion in medicine apart from the aspect of professionalism also the friendly relations doctor- patient based on trust are very important.

The knowledge and the belief in the art which definitely is treating can do and do most for the patient.


My great passion is modern Polish poetry (Szymborska, Lipska, Osiecka, and Poświatowska) and English poetry (Keats, Yeats, and Plath). I also like to read Japanese haiku (Issa, Shiki). I mostly listen to classical music- opera (Mascagni, Leoncavallo, Puccini, and Verdi).

Art gives me a lot of pleasure. I am under impression of Italian painting of the early Baroque (Caravaggio) and the Renaissance (da Vinci, Mantegna, Buonarotti, Santi) I also like Dutch painting (The golden Age- Rembrandt) French painting (naturalism and impressionism- Monet, Degas, Renoir), Spanish painting (baroque and modern- Picasso, Dali).

For three years I have been doing Hatha-Yoga. It is not only a physical practice- I am also interested in the philosophical aspect of this Indian tradition. The eastern attitude to illness, old age, death, hygiene and life fulfillment inspires and enriches me.

For me it is inspiring and educating addition to everyday intellectually challenging and stressful surgical work.