Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

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Teeth Whitening

The whitening treatment can be carried out both at home and at the dentist’s. What are both ways? At home, you can apply the so-called overlay method. The patient receives a special set, which includes a splint made in the office, a rail adapted to the shape of the jaws, and a whitening preparation (usually carbamide peroxide) placed in it.…

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Dr Laskus as a lecturer at workshops using lasers

Dental lasers provide numerous treatment options in dentistry while maintaining minimal invasiveness during procedures. Dr Laskus conducted workshops on the subject from the Explore Innovation series. Innovative BIOLASE lasers were used during a workshop in Białystok, where local dentists could learn how to use lasers to improve the efficiency of their offices and introduce new, atraumatic laser procedures.

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DR LASKUS at implantology congress

Dr Laskus was one of the guests at the 10th Congress of Dentsply Sirona Implants in Warsaw at the Sofitel Victoria hotel. Congress gathered a large group of implantologists from all over the country. The IMP Association, of which Dr Laskus is a member, was represented at the congress by a large group of implantologists. Congress lecturer was Dr. Paul…

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DR LASKUS and the Implant Masters Poland congress

Another congress organized by the Implant Masters Poland Association, of which Dr Laskus is a member, gathered a large group of doctors who could take part in six different workshops on Friday morning and in the afternoon on Friday and all Saturday to listen to very interesting lectures. The theme was PERIIMPLANTITIS – an increasingly common problem for implantologists around…

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Dental complaints related to deep caries or its consequences, e.g. pulpitis, may be manifested by increasing and decreasing pain. The reasons for the intensification are thermal factors, biting (chewing), sometimes the residue of meals within the cavities or in the periodontal pocket. When a tooth hurts, you should always go to the dentist for clinical and radiological assessment. The weakening…

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