Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

Bleeding gums

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Bleeding gums is a symptom of inflammation that, if left untreated, turns into periodontitis, commonly called parodontosis. The disease process gradually involves subsequent periodontal fragments, such as ligaments and bones, destroying the tissues that surround and maintain our teeth. Most often, bleeding gums is caused by inadequate oral hygiene, which affects plaque formation and triggering bacterial inflammation. Negative effects also have the use of an unsuitable brush and improper tooth cleaning, which results in damage to the gum structure. Another cause of bleeding gums is the occurrence of systemic factors, such as vitamin deficiencies, caused by poor diet or chronic use of antibiotics. Diseases (diabetes mellitus, liver disease, anemia) and medications may also be responsible for bleeding, including for hypertension, anticoagulants, birth control pills, steroids. If there are no co-existing general factors, bleeding gums with the simultaneous exposure of the dental necks should be associated with poor hygiene and inadequate teeth brushing. Treatment is primarily professional instruction in choosing the right brush and cleaning techniques, as well as hygiene in the dental office. Supportive effects may have pharmacological preparations and medications prescribed by a doctor, such as liquids based on hydrogen peroxide and listerin (Corsodyl may stain teeth) and gum massage preparations (for example, gels of the type Trascodent, Dentomix, Peroxyldental). Removing the causes and preventing the disease can in this case completely reverse the effects of the disease.

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