Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus


Social responsibility in the time of pandemic

From the announcement of the state of danger in our country, and then the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, as a dental practitioner responsible for clinical work and dental practice, I have been pursuing the principle of medical responsibility in the profession, but also, and perhaps first of all, of “being a human in society” in the broad sense. We understand medical…

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Dr Laskus as a lecturer at workshops using lasers

Dental lasers provide numerous treatment options in dentistry while maintaining minimal invasiveness during procedures. Dr Laskus conducted workshops on the subject from the Explore Innovation series. Innovative BIOLASE lasers were used during a workshop in Białystok, where local dentists could learn how to use lasers to improve the efficiency of their offices and introduce new, atraumatic laser procedures.

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Reversing periodontitis

The beginning of periodontitis is not the ultimate sentence for the health of oral cavity. It is advised to visit a doctor as soon as possible and start appropriate treatment, to prevent the development of this disease. The specialist will start the curation by recognizing the causes of the ailment. It is necessary, as the dental plaque and tartar should…

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Meet the Master in Warsaw

In December in Warsaw, the Meet the Master conference organized by the Implant Master Poland association was held for the third time. The idea behind the series “Meet the Master” are annual conferences, in which are invited eminent lecturers from abroad and Polish. The aim of the conference is to exchange knowledge, experiences and present the therapeutic concepts of the…

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On Monday (28.09.2015r) M. D. Laskus. was one of the guests at press meeting with healthcare journalists. The theme was the question: What laryngologist, dentist and laboratory diagnostician have in common? M. D. Agnieszka Laskus raised the question of the periodontal diseases and their connection with a healthy heart. During a press breakfast there was also a possibility to listen…

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