Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

Crowns – dental porcelain or metal-ceramic?

Crowns are great solution to fix damaged tooth without having to give up on satisfactory aesthetic outcome. There are many types of prosthetic crowns, amongst which there are dental porcelain, metal-ceramic and ceramic fused to zirconium oxide crowns. The choice is patient’s and doctor’s recommendation.

The first type is entirely build of porcelain and the inside of the crown doesn’t have a metal carrier. The possibility of matching the colour of the crown enables doctors to achieve an effect of a real tooth. Moreover, the attained colour doesn’t undergo discoloration. It occurs that sometimes the natural colour of tooth is visible through the crown. Furthermore, these are one of the most expensive ones.

Metal-ceramic crown has small, invisible metal carrier. Thanks to the combination of metal and ceramics in the chemical process, they are very lasting. The presence of metal base can cause allergic reaction and, in the case of gum recession due to metal being exposed, there can appear a worse aesthetic outcome. Lower price might compensate that.

Ceramic fused to zirconium oxide crowns do not have the metal carrier, but a zircon one. Zircon allows dentists to make extensive and mechanically lasting prosthetic pieces and aesthetically perfect outcome at the same time. The only flaw of it is the financial aspect.

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