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Defeat paradontosis

Paradontosis is an infectious disease of periodontal tissues that can lead to loosening and loss of teeth. This is a fairly common problem with the mouth health; it is estimated that it affects over 70 percent of Polish society. The frequency of its occurrence and the effects that it entails, make it possible to recognize paradontosis as a problem classified as a social disease. One tenth Pole has an advanced form of parodontosis. However, many people, have no idea that paradontosis is not a verdict and you need to fight for oral health, because you can win with it.

The first symptoms of periodontitis can be observed with the naked eye, we can include them:
• exposing the dental necks and teeth hypersensitivity,
• tooth mobility,
• bleeding gums,
• gingival hyperplasia,
• changed smell from mouth.
Other symptoms must be assessed by a physician in a clinical and radiological examination.

Treatment of periodontitis
Poles deal with the symptoms of parodontosis mainly with the use of toothpastes for bleeding gums, rinses and gels for gums. These types of agents work aseptically, soothe and remove some symptoms of gum inflammation. Unfortunately, this is only symptomatic treatment, which does not remove the cause of the disease and does not permanently stop the progression of parodontosis!

The correct treatment of periodontitis consists of three phases:
1st initial phase: treatment that removes the cause of the disease
It includes professional teeth cleansing by removing tartar in the dental office, eliminating irritants, dental plastics in plaque build-up, and professional oral hygiene instruction to enable the continuation of hygienization at home.

2nd  corrective phase: removing effects
Surgical procedures aimed at repair or regeneration of damaged periodontal structures or plastic surgery of mucosal-gingival surgery (covering of exposed dental necks, gum plastics etc.). The aim of these treatments is to fully restore the surrounding structures that have been destroyed as a result of the disease and keep our teeth.

3rd phase supporting the effects of treatment
Phase maintaining control visits, professional cleansing of teeth, laser therapy, pharmacological treatment.

Early diagnosis of gum diseases by periodontologist help to select and implement treatment, which will help overcome periodontitis and, as a result, avoid aesthetic and functional disorders in the oral cavity.

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