Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

Extraction of wisdom tooth

Along with the development of modern orthodontic and surgical techniques extraction of, so called, wisdom teeth is often given up. Especially if they are healthy and do not have any bad influence on teeth neighboring to them. Although if calculus have attacked wisdom teeth, or they start to move in the direction of other teeth, or in the course of the orthodontic treatment it results from clinical and radiological measurements that it is necessary to remove them – as it is dangerous. After surgical extraction of wisdom tooth some complications are possible, although they are not major. The risk of any complication is between 1 and 3 percent. Sometimes the nerves flow just next to the dental root of wisdom tooth. If the lower wisdom teeth is extracted there is a possibility of nerve irritation. The irritation appears as s numbness of lower lip and teeth on the side of mouth that has been operated on. This state is very troublesome and brings discomfort, it is not dangerous though – the nerves are going to regenerate themselves. It usually takes around 8 weeks.

In every case individual judgement and visit at the dentist’s is needed. To be assured of having wisdom teeth or if extraction of them is needed decide on getting panoramic radiograph. It is an X-ray showing the state of dentition.

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