Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

How long after extraction can you insert the implant?

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There is no “time rule” in the use of implants. The implant can be implanted immediately after extraction, you can use early or deferred implantation – it all depends on the patient’s anatomical conditions and the absence of contraindications for the procedure. General contraindications include systemic diseases and the use of drugs, while local ones include untreated periodontal disease (parodontosis), oral mucosa diseases, and tobacco addiction. An indispensable condition for undergoing implantological treatment is also to maintain the right amount and quality of anatomical structures, i.e. bones and gums, necessary for implant insertion, stabilization and maintenance. Confirmation of the patient’s readiness for implant placement can only occur after clinical and radiological assessment of the place of lost teeth. You may need to apply appropriate procedures and techniques, such as bone thickening or splitting or implantation of regenerative material. Postponement of implant placement is also required when you need to modify existing conditions by rebuilding bone, changing the gum biotype or raising the sinus. It should be borne in mind that in implantological treatment it is important not only to put in implants, but also to predict the treatment and maintain its results over time, which determines its broadly understood success. These patients and our doctors care the most about the latter.

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