Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

Implantological treatment versus other methods of compensating for missing tooth

The best way of compensating for missing tooth is denture implant. It saves all of the healthy teeth in distinction to prosthetic treatment, where dental prosthetics is used. The distance between teeth may be calculated only after taking a X-Ray photo as well as clinical examination. It is common that the gap seems too little at first, but if the examination shows 5mm of space – it is enough to insert an implant. Prosthetic treatment, so placing a dental prosthetics, is of course a cheaper way. In that case two of the neighbouring teeth have to be filed. The biggest flaw of this method is interference with other healthy teeth that stand next to the missing one. If the lost tooth was nonsignificant we can also think about orthodontic consultation, so we could treat it with dental brace. The worst idea is to wait until teeth idiopathically slip. Even if teeth eventually move, they for sure will not be in the place we want them to be. It is more likely that the blank space between teeth will cause tilting of the neighbouring teeth. Besides that implantological treatment is completely predictable and usually is over in 6 months, where orthodontic treatment lasts for years. Even if after these 6 months there seem to be some complications after inserting the implant, it may be because of poorly executed procedure or patient being needlessly qualified for this treatment. The blame might be also on the patient as he is obliged to taking care of both gums and teeth. If patient does not abide to doctor’s orders and neglect hygiene of oral cavity there might appear a problem. The success of implantological treatment depends on doctor and his patient.

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Mieszkam i pracuję w Warszawie. Praktykę lekarską prowadzę od ponad dwudziestu lat. Jestem współwłaścicielką kliniki stomatologicznej Trio-Dent, gdzie leczę pacjentów, prowadzę badania naukowe, ale też udzielam pomocy osobom, które jej potrzebują.