Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

Strong gums

Strong gums are important for keep the oral health. If they get sick, it will also affect the condition of the teeth. We advise you how to properly care for gums to avoid inflammation. Choosing a toothbrush is the key. Do you have a problem with cleaning your teeth on  the gum line, so you scrub them with all your strength? In this way, you can bleed gums or reverse them and expose teeth necks. On the other hand, inaccurate cleaning may cause tooth decay or gingivitis. The simplest solution is to choose a soft brush with a densely arranged bristles and use a sweeping technique. Remove plaque at least once a year. For all that it may appear even if you take care of your mouth. The dentist will help you get rid of the harder plaque. Not removing plaque threatens to get it under the gums, causing inflammation and, consequently, periodontitis.

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Mieszkam i pracuję w Warszawie. Praktykę lekarską prowadzę od ponad dwudziestu lat. Jestem współwłaścicielką kliniki stomatologicznej Trio-Dent, gdzie leczę pacjentów, prowadzę badania naukowe, ale też udzielam pomocy osobom, które jej potrzebują.