Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

Teeth Whitening

The whitening treatment can be carried out both at home and at the dentist’s. What are both ways?

At home, you can apply the so-called overlay method. The patient receives a special set, which includes a splint made in the office, a rail adapted to the shape of the jaws, and a whitening preparation (usually carbamide peroxide) placed in it. We use it for a week or two, for several hours or for the night. The irradiation method is also effective, but you can only undergo it with a dentist.

Important advice: after surgery, your teeth are more sensitive, which is why you may feel pain when drinking cold drinks, for example. It is good to use a special pain reliever for some time.

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Mieszkam i pracuję w Warszawie. Praktykę lekarską prowadzę od ponad dwudziestu lat. Jestem współwłaścicielką kliniki stomatologicznej Trio-Dent, gdzie leczę pacjentów, prowadzę badania naukowe, ale też udzielam pomocy osobom, które jej potrzebują.