Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

The proper way of using mouthwash

The most important part of at home hygienization is brushing teeth. Additionally after every teeth brushing it is strongly advised to use dental floss, for precise cleansing of interdental spaces. The third thing we should do at home is rinsing the oral cavity with a liquid. Some people use home-made, natural infusion from sage or chamomile, or salt or  sodium bicarbonate solutions. Although most people use store-bought mouthwashes (helping to fight gum diseases, whitening, bad breath removing). Every time when buying a mouthwash we should carefully read the label, as different brands offer different percentage of germifuge substances. Usually mouthwashes do not require to be diluted and it is recommended to use them once or twice a day. If we use mouthwash before brushing teeth we soften the dental calculus and makes the brushing easier. The use of the liquid after teeth brushing helps keeping the breath fresh and it prevents from calculus being embedded and what comes with that it helps fighting with decay. Frequency of using mouthwash should be consulted with a doctor or a dental hygienist on a base of the condition of the oral cavity.

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