Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

What are stem cells?

To fully understand the phenomenon of stem cells, one should be aware of what they are actually. Stem cells are immature and non-specialized cells of the human body. They are the initial stage of development of all cells in the human body – for example, blood cells or bone tissue. They have the ability to self-renew, divide and differentiate. In addition, they can transform into different types of cells in our body. Thanks to this, they will be able to rebuild damaged cells or repair extensive tissue abnormalities. Currently, they are obtained from the bone marrow or peripheral blood.

The effectiveness of stem cell therapy

The phenomenon of stem cells is that these cells can be implanted only to the person from whom they originate. As a result, the patient becomes a remedy for himself. This is the best possible method of treatment. Autogenous materials, i.e. those that originate from the patient himself, are called regenerative medicine ”the golden standard of treatment”. The development of this area has created new opportunities. Now, in addition to using synthetic or animal-derived materials, you can use cells from the patient’s body. It is a much safer, more effective and cheaper treatment.
The effectiveness of stem cell treatments is primarily due to their properties. Thanks to the aforementioned abilities to multiply and transform into other types of cells, they can take over the functions of destroyed or absent structures. The use of material from the patient will make the bone tissue and soft tissues be rebuilt more quickly, and the healing process will progress pretty faster, which will prevent the formation of scar tissue. What is very important, the risk of complications that may appear after surgery is reduced. The treatments carried out so far show that it is a treatment method that brings very impressive results.



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