Dr n. med. Agnieszka Laskus

Whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth – is this possible?

Sensitivity of teeth is a common problem in the realm of dentistry, that causes pain, discomfort, usually while eating or brushing teeth. The most common reason for tooth sensitivity is receding gums disease. The second most common reason is wear away of dental enamel, which is a cause of grinding teeth and too often teeth brushing. Every case of teeth sensitivity should be consulted with a specialist. Sensitive teeth require special toothpaste that soothes the pain felt while brushing teeth. Every toothpaste has a certain rate of RDA abrasibility, that should be as low as possible. Low rate of RDA means that toothpaste is gentle for the enamel and gums. A toothpaste like this is especially advised for those that suffer from teeth sensitivity. The main difference between standard toothpaste and a whitening one is that the second one has higher RDA rate. Whitening toothpastes are not fully safe, as they can lead to enamel damage. Producers of whitening pastes are aware of the fact that more and more people want to have snow-white smile, that is why there are many products, that are made to get teeth to be as white as possible. What is worth remembering is that there are other, safer methods of teeth whitening available in dental clinics. Before deciding on any method of teeth whitening a consultation with specialist is advised, especially in case of teeth sensitivity.

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