The treatment is an art,
a skill of giving oneself to others,
alchemy of life of abundance.
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I am a dentist specialized in periodontology, that studies supporting structures of teeth, as well as general dentistry. I am also a holder of the certificate of qualification in dental implantology. Moreover, I belong to a little group of doctors in Poland who possess the title of Master of Science in dental implantology given by Goethe University in Frankfurt.

I live and work in Warsaw. I have been helping patients for a dozen or so years. I am a co-owner of Trio- Dent dental clinic in which I treat, carry out my medical research and also help people who need it. I am very pleased that you have visited my website. I hope that the time spent here will prove fruitful and inspiring.

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Medical Practice

In my medical practice I am strongly for professionalism. To the patient who gives me their trust and who puts their health in my hands I give comfort and safety.



I gladly appear as an expert in media.  I would like to invite you to read the texts in which there are my speeches or information about my activity.


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I am a doctor with over twenty-year experience. The range of my specialization is periodontology and general dentistry (Medical Academy in Warsaw). Moreover I obtained…



I live and work in Warsaw, where I run my clinical and scientifically-didactical activity. For many years of my medical practice I have been carrying out works on new techniques and material for the regeneration of the tissue structures…



My great passion is modern Polish poetry (Szymborska, Lipska, Osiecka, and Poświatowska) and English poetry (Keats, Yeats, and Plath). I also like to read Japanese…



My research work and practical experience resulted in many publications and lectures. Hoping that some of them will be interesting and possibly inspiring for you I would like to invite you to reading them!

Dr Agnieszka Laskus M.Sc. was a participant of the 9th International Conference EUROPERIO 2018 - EuroPerio9. This biennial conference is an important event in the medical world that gives physicians from around the world the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of...

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Dr Laskus during MIS GLOBAL CONFERENCE 2018

There is no effective, predictable care for patients without following the global trends in knowledge and innovative technology. The prime imperative of the doctor is therefore continuous education. That is why Dr Agnieszka Laskus took part in the next edition of the...

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Meet the Master in Warsaw

In December in Warsaw, the Meet the Master conference organized by the Implant Master Poland association was held for the third time. The idea behind the series "Meet the Master" are annual conferences, in which are invited eminent lecturers from abroad and Polish....

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Agnieszka Laskus, DMD, PhD, MSc

Dental Clinic
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Phone no. +48 501 143 721

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