On September 6th-8th of 2018r Dr. Agnieszka Laskus took part in the VI edition of Innovation Jumps in Oral Implantology Congress, organised by the Master Department of Oral Implantology of the JW Goethe University in Frankfurt. Lecture given by the Prof. Dr. Homayoun H. Zadeh, who came to Frankfurt specially from the USA, was very strong and interesting opening of the congress. Right after that newly-graduated students of MOI AD 2018 gave their Master Theses.

Second very important reason of Dr. Laskus’s presence in Frankfurt was receiving the ICOI Fellowship diploma. Apart from Ms Agnieszka Laskus, diplomas were also given to Dr. Magda Żywicka M.Sc., Dr. Tomasz Śmigiel M.Sc., and Dr. Jerzy Perendyk M.Sc.- members of the Implant Masters Poland association who finished Postgraduate Master Studies of Science in Oral Implantology with Dr. Laskus and formed the first group of this prestigious course.

Agnieszka Laskus
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Mieszkam i pracuję w Warszawie. Praktykę lekarską prowadzę od ponad dwudziestu lat. Jestem współwłaścicielką kliniki stomatologicznej Trio-Dent, gdzie leczę pacjentów, prowadzę badania naukowe, ale też udzielam pomocy osobom, które jej potrzebują.