I am a doctor with over twenty-year experience. The range of my specialization is periodontology and general dentistry (Medical Academy in Warsaw). Moreover I obtained a title of M.Sc. in implantology (Goethe University, Frankfurt).

I graduated studies at the Dentistry Department of the I Medical Faculty of the Medical Academy in Warsaw as well as post diploma master studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt. For seven years I worked as an assistant and then as an adjunct in the Periodontology Division of the Dentistry Institute of Medical Academy in Warsaw.

In 2001 I defended with honor a title of Medical Doctor which was given to me for the thesis about the implant treatment in periodontology and the immunological evaluation of the general health of patients with periodontal disease.

In 2012 I graduated post diploma master studies at Goethe University. I defended a study devoted to the complications around implants (periimplantitis) and I obtained the title of Master of Oral Implantology as the first doctor from Poland at this faculty.

An experienced dentist is, however, someone more than just thoroughly educated doctor. Every day I learn something new thanks to my patients. The psychological aspect of the relation patient- doctor is based on the feeling of safety and trust. This is a knowledge which I obtained during many years of my clinical, not only scientific work.