The mission of Dr Laskus Foundation is to promote and protect oral health.
This mission is carried out through education of the society, as well as providing medical assistance.

I think that our work is worth as much as we are able to give to the others of ourselves. This is why I share my skills, knowledge, time and heart. Thanks to it I feel fulfilled as a doctor and as a human.

Medical Academy

In the Medical Academy in Warsaw, where I worked after graduating studies, I found myself a role in didactics. It resulted in my 5-year leadership in the interest group for the students of dentistry. Apart from my clinical work it gave me a possibility to contact with other enthusiasts of dentistry who just started getting their first experience in this matter. For my engagement and for the clinical work I was appreciated being awarded in 1999 a Scientific Chancellor’s Prize.

Bison’s Run

I participate in social life not only as a dentist. For four years I actively and financially participated in the annual Bison’s run in Białowieża. It is an event of a marathon character for people of different age groups. In this way I supported a group of the poorest children from Podlasie.

Help For Single Mothers

As the co-owner of Private Dental Clinic Trio-Dent I initiated there a professional help for single mothers. Within the program “Smile Mum!”, realized by Santa Claus Foundation since march 2005 we have been giving dental aid to the mothers from the Single Mother’s House in Warsaw. Personally I am convinced that health and the aesthetics of the oral mouth for these people is a chance for more successful professional and private life.